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ETC All American Youth Show Choir

ETC All American Youth Show Choir is a community based organization which sponsors two performing groups. ETC Stands for Energy, Talent, and Commitment. Each group provides a unique performing opportunity, for both the performers and the audience. Our central location at Pine Top in Akron, Ohio allows us to serve the entire greater Akron community. Our high school performers have toured Great Britain, France, New Zealand, and Australia, as well as small towns and big cities throughout the United States.

Our professional staff is made up of educators from Northeast Ohio who dedicate their talent and efforts to developing the choral sound that has long been a trademark of ETC. The added facet of ETC is the incorporation of choreography with the singing. Singing is still our first priority, but dance adds that special excitement to every performance.

All of our members come to us through audition which are held every spring. Once the new companies are assembled, we get together for our summer workshop and then the magic begins. For the remainder of the season, we rehearse weekly, with mini-workshops throughout the year. This allows us to update the show and adjust to the talents of the performers.

We strive to provide an appropriate amount of performances each season. These include community festivals, banquets, conventions, and fund raisers. All of these public or private events give our performers ample opportunity to share the fruits of their labors and delight audiences along the way. Becoming a good performer does require work and commitment. We like to think the "E" in ETC stands for excellence as well as energy. This tradition of excellence speaks for itself in the success of our alumni, who have distinguished themselves in many professional fields, not just as performers, after graduation from ETC.

This site is a site made to focus mainly on the high school group of ETC, "The All Americans". On the other ETC website which is, you can see information on both the All Americans and Main Street singers. This website is just made to give you a closer look at the All Americans, with their show, competition dates, awards and past group information.

The All Americans were the first group created in ETC, which starting out with a group with grade levels 5-12, and was named the ETC All American Youth Show Choir. After a couple of years ETC split into two different groups, The New Generation, which featured the younger kids, and The All American Youth Show Choir which featured the high school kids. This continued for many years, until ETC once again changed their grade levels. The organization then split into three groups, The New Generation (grades 4-6), The Main Street Singers (grades 7-9) and The All American Youth Show Choir (grades 10-12). This trend in ETC stayed until 2002, when ETC ones again went back to only two groups, The Main Street Singers (grades 5-8) and the newly named All Americans (grades 9-12).

All Americans Calendar

Executive Director- Bob Heid
Musical Director- Carolyn Bagley
Intrumental Advisor- Andrew Schifano
Choreographer- Tara Tober


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